Ride mainland Greece and witness first hand the cultural icons that gave birth to Western Democracy. The Acropolis. The Parthenon. Delphi and Olympia. To help you get the most out of this tour the itinerary has been devised in colloration with our BMW riding Greek Classics scholar who has now accompanied this tour three times with MCi groups.

Your sixteen day motorcycle tour starts with two overnight stopovers enroute to the port of Ancona for your overnight ferry to Greece.  You will then spend nine days exploring the best that mainland Greece has to offer.  Your first stop is in Delphi, once home to the famous oracle, the spectacular ruins here were believed in ancient times to be the centre of the Earth. Legend has it that Zeus set two eagles to fly from the ends of the earth and they met over Delphi dropping the stone which marks the centre of the earth - you can actually see the Omphalos (or Naval stone) itself in the museum. For over a millennium this was a place of pilgrimage where people came to hear divine direction in matters of war, worship, love and business spoken by a Pythian priestess who would chant her prophecies over the oracle chasm. (She must have lived a long time then?)

You will ride your motorcycle through unspoilt countryside to Athens via the monastery of Hosios Loukas - it's a place for quiet contemplation by the monks who are still in residence set in stunning scenery and with some of the most beautiful mosaics in all of Greece. In Athens you can park you bike and join a guided walking tour of the ancient Parthenon and other remains that top the Acropolis where democracy started and visit the Agora, location of the best preserved Greek temple in the former Marketplace. You then ride south to the Temple of Poseidon on the Sounion peninsula to see the ruins of a dramatic sanctuary built in 440BC that has been a shipping landmark for centuries. It made such an impression on Lord Byron that he wrote lyrical poems about it and carved his name at the base of one of the columns. 

Place me on Sounium's marbled steep

Where nothing but the waves and I,

May hear our mutual murmurs sweep...

Your next two nights are spent at Nafplio once the capital of modern Greece. You will have ample time  to wander  the lively harbourfront, sample fresh seafood in restaurants that spill out onto the cobbled streets, wander the coastal route or enjoy a specatcular scenic ride out. Near Nafplio is the ancient theatre of Epidavros, over 2300 years old but with still the best acoustics in the world. Sit in the back row of this 14,000 seat theatre and hear a match struck from the centre of the dance floor.

Your last three nights are spent in Olympia, which for over a millennium hosted the most important Panhellenic games founded by Heracles in 776BC.  It is one of the largest ancient sites in Greece, spread between two rivers and overlooked by the Hill of Kronos. You can visit the Temple of Zeus which was as large as the Parthenon and where the Olympian flame was kept alight from the time of the games until the following spring. Here was exhibited the (lost) cult statue of Zeus by Pheidas one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only wonder in Greece itself. You can also visit the stadium which accommodated 20,000 spectators and the hippodrome where the chariot races were held. Our friends in Greece provide fascinating insights into the historic sights at Olympia and really bring to life the Olympian concept of sporting achievement.

We think you will find this tour educational as well as exciting from a motorcycle perspective. The roads and variety of terrain are simply sublime. Our hotels in Greece will all be four star and you will stay in or close by all the points of interest during our tour.

Maybe you have toured extensively and think you know Europe?

Travel with us to Greece...

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S22 - Greece

Classical Greece

White ArrowHIGHLIGHTS...
  • The Acropolis & Parthenon
  • Delphic Oracle & Olympia
  • Temples of Zeus & Poseidon
  • EIGHT nights in Greece
  • Four star Hotels in Greece
  • Fantastic roads in Greece
  • Ferry to Greece cabin included
  • Dover/Calais ferry outward return
  • EIGHT nights in four star Hotels in Greece
  • FIVE nights Hotel bed & breakfast en route in France and Italy
  • Ferry overnight to Greece outward/return in inside cabin. Single price includes single cabin
  • One evening meal included
  • Route plans, Maps, Garmin GPS routes, tour pack
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  • Superior room upgrades available
  • Some hotels charge for motorcycle parking
    Entry fees to attractions
  • Greek ferry operates a fluid pricing structure and fares can increase
  • Weekend supplement applies in Nafplio
  • Depart from Hull/Newcastle/Portsmouth
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1 person, 1 bike, single room
1 person, 1 bike, shared room
2 people, 1 bike, shared room
Deposit payable at time of booking:
£195 per person